# Freehand Style of Life

In his later years, Xu Wei returned to his family house,Qing Teng Book Lodge in Shan-yin county. He grew flowers and plants in his garden. This area exhibits six life sketches from the NPM’s collection. Xu Wei illustrated animals and plants in his living environment, which he often paired with poems expressing his feelings. These sketches gave us a glimpse into his inner world.

Five hundred years after Xu Wei’s death, he is recognized as the pioneer of freehand style painting-- not only for his bold and expressive technique, but also for his innovative reinterpretation of nature through his own life experiences, and how he took inspiration from everyday objects, incorporating his critical thinking into painting. Xu Wei had a hard life, but he stayed true to himself no matter what.

Throughout history, people have encountered all kinds of chaos. What makes you frustrated in your life? How do you live with it?